Brian “Mad Man” Holgate October Rider of the Month

Brian Holgate USA Wind Sports

Kiting has been a big part of Brian’s life Since ’06. It started as a hobby with stunt kites. Which quickly grew once I discovered fixed bridle foils. Once I bought my first foil I spent every windy day, after work, at the local park looping the kite and pulling myself downwind. Then my friends brought me to Ivanpah Dry Lake to kite buggy. This changed my life forever. After getting serious about land based freestyle the heat in Vegas drove me to explore Kite Surfing during the summer.

Brian Holgate

Now after about 7 years of kiting, I follow the seasons. In the Winter I snow kite. My favorite spot being Skyline in Utah since it is consistently windy. Then in Spring I’m chasing high winds in my speed buggy at one of the most incredible places to buggy in the World, Ivanpah Dry Lake on the Nevada/California border. Last year I set a new World Record at 84.1 mph. Then in the summer its back on the water. Here in Vegas we have one of the most incredible places to Kite Surf, 6 Mile cove at Lake Mojave. Then in the Fall its back to Kite Buggying at Ivanpah with the occasional Double Dip. Seeing as Ivanpah is only 1 hour away from the dry lake, sometimes we will do one day at Ivanpah, camp, then drive to Lake Mojave when we wake up. What better way to enjoy what you have available to you….and rinse off all that playa dust in the process!!!  So when your in Nevada look up Brian
Brian Holgate
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