Pascal Jouber March Rider of the Month 2014

Pascal Joubert was born in Grenoble, France and started skiing when Pascal was 2 years old on the snowy streets. Pascal was 16 years old when the first snowboard appeared in the Village. So Pascal sold most of his belongings to move to La Grave when he was 22 and snowboarded all winter and worked the rest of the year to perpetuate that passion.

He became interested in wind power in 1998 and flew a triangle stunt kite his brother bought me for my birthday. One day the wind was strong and we were able to pull ourselves across a field with our shoes on. Then, the idea of using a kite started to happen. We had no idea about snowkites or waterkites at this point but in fact they were doing it in Switzerland and other places as well.  My brother, friends and I then looked into it and discovered the company Advance made kites for snow. We weren’t very successful staying upwind on snowboards at first. In fact, I began riding my split board as skiis on the way up as the kite pulled me and I could make the summits of all the classic snowkite spots around Lautaret Pass. This made me realize that for exploring the mountains, skis were the right tool.


Cedric my brother, Bertrand Boone and Pascal all discovered kitesurfing at this point. We went to a convention and found Advance there. Bertrand showed them some of our pictures from Lautaret and then our snowkiting careers started right there.  At this point, I never bought a season pass again and my ski lift became a kite. Soon our terrain was dictating how we were riding and we started experimenting with hill climbing and gliding. Now I prefer a kite to a ski resort.

Tree Shot

So if your ever in  Jackson, Wyoming  Look him up and the JHK “Jackson Hole Kiters”


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