October 2014 Rider of the Month Jens Zinklar

We are going to Denmark that’s right Denmark USA Wind Sports is excited to have Jens Zinklar as rider of the month for October!!!  Jens was introduced to kitesurfing in 2004, and already a parachuter and wakeboarder, he knew he wanted to make this active sport his own. But in April 2006, only a few weeks after buying his first kite, he lost his leg in a working accident.

















After 5 years of struggling fought his way back to a exciting life.  Zens now lectures about loosing his leg and gaining his self confidence back as well as identity.  Now Jen kiteboards and snowkites all over the world. He hope that people will be inspired by his attitude “you can’t be too daring and that you can plan your future as you wish if you dare to fight for it”.  Hard training got him out of bed and into his prosthetic, but nothing could get him riding the waves with his never used gear. At least that was what he was told. But Jens has a hard time understanding the word Can’t, so he decided to go wakeboarding like in the old days. And when he found out he could still do that, there was really no good reason as to why he shouldn’t be able to go kitesurfing. He took a course, went to India to practice and finally got his own instructor’s license.

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Its very rare that we get such a inspirational person that can handle adversity in such a manner.

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His favorite spot is at the beach just outside his parents’ summer cottage, less than an hour from his home. But he doesn’t have to go that far. On the tiny island where he lives he has three spots within only five minutes of driving. One on each side of the island, so he can go, no matter the wind direction.  Today Jens has his own company, where he gives speeches about never giving up and facilitates The Passion Test to help amputees and other people to find their passions and follow their own dreams. And then he is a dedicated kitesurfer, snowboarder and pain in the a** for all those who say, that amputees Can’t.

Contact Info www.aktivamput.com  Email aktiveungeamputerededk@gmail.com


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