Travis Green Rider of the Month April 2015

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Travis Green, an east coast snow kiter from the Appalachian Mountains of rural Maryland,  residing in Garrett County where the winters can be rather harsh, with an abundance of snow. He was introduced to the kite world by a close friend and mentor, John Regan.

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Coming from a skiing and snowboarding community, he picked up snowboarding at an early age. With years of downhill riding under his belt at local resorts like Wisp Mountain and Timberline Resort, he knew that it was time for seeking out great new adventures. Moving to South Lake Tahoe in the winter of the 2012 -2013 season got him interested in another side of snowboarding, that being the hiking/backcountry side of the sport. After the winter in Tahoe, he then traveled back east to his hometown of Accident, MD where his passion for snowboarding was met with kiting. Deep Creek Lake had frozen over and it was time to explore the kite scene. He caught on rather quickly, and within 15 minutes of flying a three meter trainer kite, he was hooked. That very same day he went home and made the purchase of a couple of kites and has never looked back. His drive to be a well-rounded kiter really flourished. The following winter months were all about dialing in the proper kiting skills and surrounding himself with like-minded people.


For the most part he sees how the kiting community has welcomed him with open arms, and has taught him many valuable lessons. With only a few places back east that provide amazing kiting experiences, he ventured west again to meet more snow kiters and see new areas. One of the most memorable places was Fairview, Utah to a well-known place called Skyline. There he was able to tap into another side of kiting he had never done before. He’s just a small town guy exploring a life with endless kiting options. He hopes he can pass on this sport he’s very much passionate about, to others along his journey through life.


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