Susi Sausewind Rider of the Month May 2015

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“Wiiiiiind!” is usally the first blissful cheer you’ll hear from her when Susi gets to the kite beach.  Second most frequent is “Want to bet?” as Susi loves making and winning bets, especially on kite tricks. Like back in 2012, when Susi was out dancing with her kite friends in Los Angeles, CA and one of them challenged her: “I bet you can’t kite like you dance in those boots.”

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.52.26 PM (3)

So, not only was Susi determined to win the bet, she couldn’t resist the temptation to trump the dare by not simply kiting in her “disco boots” but actually in the most kite-impossible stiletto pumps she could find.
To prove that she had crushed her bet-opponent’s dare, a friend captured the fun event on camera, which since then has sparked all sorts of kite dares among her local kite family in Southern California.
IMG_0738 - Version 3 (2)
Susi rides for AXIS, RRD, and Mystic, is passionate about freestyle on her AXIS Limited carbon twin tip and strapless wave riding on her AXIS WoodWave surfboard.  You can spot her easily along Southern California kite beaches by the way she whips her RRD Religion kites around like an orchestra conductor baton

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