Felipe Rodriguez June 2015 Rider of the Month

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It was May 1999 and Felipe Rodriguez was headed to Dominican Republic for the

First time to reunite with his father he hadn’t seen in years.  On the coastal drive from the airport to his father’s farm something caught his attention.  There  was this strange thing flying in the sky, attacked to a person surfing in the ocean.  It peaked his curiosity enough that he asked his brother to stop so he could inquire.  Ath the time is was secluded beach area with 2 homes.  How that some area is known as the DR”s world  famous Kite Beach  Felipe stood there for close to an hour fascinated by the sport.  Yes he still had not spoken to the guy flying in the sea.  Fed up, his brother threatened to leave him stranded on the beach.  Sok the two brothers continued their drive to the other side of the island.Over the next few days, as Felipe Visited with his family, he kept dreaming of that “kite thing” he witnessed the day he arrived.  Finally, he borrowed a car and drove back to that same bean, approached one of the homes and knocked  on the door.  In Broken a very nice French man greeted him and offered to show Felipe just what Kitesurfing was all about.  That French guy was Bruno Leguinoux the inventor kitesufing kite.  Little did Felipe know, that day in the DR would stick with him forever.

Upon returning to Dallas, Texas Felipe began to research the Kitesurfing Idea or “Dream”.  With very little information and limited access to the internet, Felipe purchased and waited 6 months for the arrival of his first kite the Wipika Classic.  Through mutual friends Felipe connected with Zing, this free spirted hippy, with years of windsurfing experience.  Zing know little to nothing about kitesurfing but could give Felipe vast knowledge on wind direction, speed and power.   Kite and board in hand within weeks, Felipe headed back to that beach in the DR determined to master kitesurfing!

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Looking back over the past 16 years, Felipe has traveled all over the world met kiteboarders of all levels, developed long lasting friendships with people near and far and credits his kitesurfing experience to his life choices today.  Living on Lake Ray Hubbard one of Dallas few kiteboarding locations, Felipe looks forward to the day he can train his two sons 6 and 10 to be responsible, courageous kiteboarders and hopes they are just as hooked as Dad was 16 Years Ago Today!