Ravil Muslyumov Rider of the Month September 2015

USA Wind Sports is taking you to Kazan Russia with Ravil Muslyumov

Ravil’s  kite addiction  started in Egypt in Feb 2001 or 2002. He was so impressed by kite jumps of competitors at 3-d Red Sea Cup in Safaga that he immediately bought  second hand kite  – 16m Fuel \ C kite in 2000 produced probably\ for 1000$ and used custom Take Off board. For  200$. A guy who sold me the stuff charged  me to extra 50$ for one hour kite lesson and then  immediately  vanished)).  We departed to winter Kazan.  He couldn’t wait the summer to try kiting at home at Volga river.  Ravil had no idea that time how bad is my inland  wind consisting  in summer mostly from thermal  gusts and turbulence.  Ravil was or overdosed  or my old C kite just fell  down dead. So he gave up and prefer more common windsurfing  for that type of wind.


Next time Ravil came back to kites happened in winter  in the  beginning of 2004  when   local Paraavis Kites  dealer Damir Valeev  gave me  and other folks to try  B2 foil kite on skies, and this opened real snowkite era in Kazan. We started to explore  huge frozen Volga  and Kama river spaces. That winter with 3 others we were the first ones who made 100km snowkite marathon from Kama river to Kazan..  And also  I made the first attempt to snowkite local terrain.  I was very bad surprised by unwanted lifting off by turbulence.   It looked totally crazy and unsafe so I decided  to wait and come back later and continued  explorations of flats.


Farther and faster!  I began to take  part in all happening Russian snowkite events – races and marathons. . It was really inspiring time – all events were new and happened first time.

This is  just short list – Rybinskiy Horizons in Cherepovetc city,  Peterburg Forts  and WISSA  in S.Peterburg,   Gigulevskoe Sea Marathon in Tolyatti city , 100km Imandra  Lake Marathon in Montchegorsk.But my mind was still thinking about kiting at terrain.  And in 2006  Ravil seen announcement about upcoming  in Feb Royal Battle event organized  by Ozone  at amazing Lagonaki Plateau in Caucasus Mts  Of course Ravil was in!  He grab  his kites – 2 handle race Elf kites 4m and 10m Respect  and 7m B2 and off to the races he went.

The first experience shocked me. The wind was 30 to .45 mph    I took out my 4m handle Respect. I could do only one ride- mostly downwind  and when tried to land got epic fail.. All lines was tangled and  became  a full mess).

Thanks to Slava  Voroshilov  -Ozone Russia rep.  He gave  me to try  Ozone Access  The  first  time I   snowkited   real terrain  .in high  mountains Exciting and lifetime memorable ride.  Even proriders of other Russian kite brands  preferred to kite   there only on Ozone Frenzy.  Ravil  seen  there even  90mph  wind. No kiting , just observing  – it was scared  experience .  Once Ravil  tried kiting in  mountains then you got sick of flat terrain and are   thinking  only how to ride there again So in the same year April Ravil went to snowkite  trip to Russian Far  North West – to  Khibiny Mts . He kited with local guide Sergey Lavrentiev – thanks to him for sharing with us  his spots  near Monchegorsk and Kirovsk  cities and Teriberka town..   The crown and most exciting of NW destination became   snowkiting  at Rybachiy Peninsula.  Later Ravil kited at Elbrus Mt- at plateau situated  between Barrels  3850m  and Shelter of 11 -4200m.

In 2010 -11  Ravil began to discover   snowkite  America. Ravil took part in  North America Snowkite Tour competitions in amateur division.   Dillon Lake Open, Super Fly Open  , Snowkite Soldiers- were  cool events.   Ravil made alot of friends over this trips . Ravil was so thankful for their hospitality and support. To kite  with strangers from different countries and especially very thankful to Dennis Garoutte from Canon city CO who was the first who introduced me snowkite America…Also in Jan 2011 during European freeride  trip  with  Konstantin  Platov snowkited at Lautaret Pass in France.  It s funny  but only after America trips   He started to search for and explore local Kazan snowkite  terrains.. Kazan locals ride only flats. Ravil figured out that the best snowkite terrains   are paraglide spots!  Even in my plain area I found nearby  Kazan my mini Strawberry,  Skyline and even Bondurant spots.It came true my  another dream  in last winter March -to snowkite Skyline. UT where he met up with Leo Chan Utah’s most consistent kiter.  In the Spring of  April 2015 another  long time kept trip idea  was done – Ravil snowkited  at Polar Urals Mts. It’s Russian Far North area . Ravil got a week of coolest terrain snowkiting  at Sob river racing  at the top of Sob Mt with wild deers!. As far as Ravils Dreams or plans  to kite for future? Before I die?)- To make Round The World snowkite trip including  Europe, Norway and Russian NorthUS North West AK and WO and Montana   – Snowkite Jam Alaska. Jackson Hole New Zealand – Snowfarm.. one Summit on snow..Of course to do this I need a little help of my friends over the world – especially in such exotic places like NZ and Aussie.Not enough?  More bigger dream ? – To snowkite Antarctic! Even more bigger?!  Something   that sounds absolutely crazy?  – to snowkite at Mars glacers!!