Louis Gomez October 2015 Rider of the Month


Proving kiteboarding is a sport with no age limits, Louis began taking lessons at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne, FL when he was 70 years old. It was very difficult for Louis at first, but after a while he learned to get up on the board. Then when the heat of summer came, Louis did not kiteboard for four months. Then Louis had to have a total right knee replacement, so by the time Louis kiteboarded again nine months had gone by.  Louis pressed on and began again taking lessons for three months at Matheson Hammock Park in Coral Gables, FL.  However, another obstacle had hit.  Louis found out that he had to get another surgery, a Colectomy.  After a couple of months of recovery, Louis, being very determined because of his love of the sport, once again began kiteboarding for about three months.  After that, yet another hurdle, Louis had to have back surgery to remove a benign lump.



Being resolute, after another couple of months, Louis began kiteboarding yet again. Just as Louis was beginning to go upwind, an exhilarating milestone, the hot Florida summer came adding another four months passing by before Louis could kiteboard again.  By that time Louis was 72 years old, but, being better and stronger, he was able to kiteboard an entire season.  Louis then began at last to really enjoy kiteboarding as the difficult part was over, more difficult than for most people by far!  In the seven years Louis has been kiteboarding, Louis lost about 30 lbs, improved his balance, put on a little muscle, got rid of his arthritis, and even though he is seven years older, he is appreciably stronger than he was at 70 years of age.


Louis recalls that at first when he was good enough to kiteboard going upwind, he would get tired after 30 to 45 minutes. But then he began kiteboarding even longer, two hours nonstop and sometimes staying out three hours. His record is four hours! Hurrah!

This is an endorsement to the sport of kiteboarding and to the persistence of a man determined to not give up something that Louis calls his fountain of youth.  Now, Louis has traveled to kiteboard in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Turks and Caicos. Louis has been taught to kiteboard by many and helped by many more having his butt saved more than a couple of times by good kiteboarding friends.  To anyone who has to get OLDER but doesn’t want to get OLD, Louis recommends taking up kiteboarding!




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