Grace Gonzalez Jan 2016 Rider of the Month


Grace Gonzalez is originally from Puerto Rico, where she learned to kite at Ocean Park Beach, San Juan in 2008. She moved to Florida in late 2008 where she became actively involved with sports, teaching and working in the industry. Thanks to the sport she made great friendships like Frances Rivera (November 2015 kiteboarder of the month) and Dale Baker AKA Danger Dale.


Thanks to kiteboarding she’s been to places, during moments where Gace’s path has crossed the path of amazing people. Grace is sure kiteboarding has shaped her life in a way no other sport would have. But kiteboarding is not her only passion, during those long windless summers in South Florida she invests time free diving, spearfishing, and wakeboarding. “She also love snow skiing; just the feeling of being so far from the ocean, up in the mountains; makes me feel like I’m still discovering the amazing things nature offers us constantly, and how we can purely enjoy it. She think’s of it as becoming one with nature; everyone has their way of connecting.



Grace currently works as a freelance producer on the media industry, but still uses her free time to go kite at her local secret beach in Fort Lauderdale areakitefarm2. Her favorite tricks include the Front-Roll downloop transition, unhooked front-rolls, S-bend attempts, and wave ridding. She learned the hard way that doing tricks in flat water is way less complicated than doing them on the chop of the Atlantic. Her favorite spots include Tiger Tail and Pompano 16th Street, where she has an amazing group of supportive friends that will laugh at her wipe-outs and later on encourage her to go bigger.


If you’d ask Grace she will always say that kiting is better with friends, and the friends you make kiteboarding will become also your best friends for life.




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