Marina Pavlovska March 2016 Rider of the Month


We are going back to Florida Miami South Beach which is home to Marina.  From the look of the pictures you can see Marina a beautiful and strong lady. For Marina kiteboarding certainly changed her life from having meeting deadlines demanding clients, weekends in the office and busy seasons to account for – this used to be Marina’s world for many years until Marina saw kiting on a sunny winter day  in Miami, shredding the waves on a kiteboard.


Back then Marina didn’t even know what this sport “kiteboarding” is called and couldn’t imagine, that it will change Marina’s life. Marina started to build Marina’s work schedule around the wind forecast and Marina took days on off windy days (you guys know the feeling of checking windguru more often than facebook). Kitesufring has became Marina’s therapy,  gym and my new lifestyle.


What can be more captivating than power of the ocean, wind and sun? So many times Marina returned home from a kite session all bruised, with bloody cuts (Marina know’s it is not very girly), exhausted but extremely happy!  Yes, Marina has become an adrenaline junkie but no more sign of anxiety and depression. Yes Kiting is therapy!  Marina currently has a company that has products from Rash Guards to Neoprene Jackets called  Platinum Sun. platiumGirls


Marina thinks its awesome to be a girl in a male dominated sport? Yes yes yes “she says” you get all the benefits combined of being a girl ( Marina just wouldn’t recommend to kite in a bikini to avoid accidents)  plus you get to know some amazing people with awesome personalities.



Platinum Sun Inc.

Miami Beach, Florida USA


+1 (347) 586-7032






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