Dirk Hemza May 2016 Rider of the Month


Dirk Hemza began kiting in 1998 in Livermore, California at first on the water then he gotten into kite buggy’s.  He wishes there were more places to kitebuggy, he started to ride at a sod farm talk about dedication.   For a few years that was apx an hour away then he found Ivanpah playa (in southern California near Primm Nevada) and the buggy expo event held there yearly, known as IBX (Ivanpah Buggy Expo) now.


His mentors have been Dino Arias, Bobby Muse, Craig Sparks, Popeye the Welder!  Ahhh, the infamous kite mare, Dirk says  it must have been 2009 at the kitebuggy event at Ivanpah, I had built my first buggy, an aluminum buggy for the event.

He was out on a run in that buggy and the kite had drug the tip on the playa, bringing it down on the playa still moving forward it got behind me. The kite caught a gust of wind while down and behind me, up went the kite and he went for my first OBE (Out of Buggy Experience). Dirk came down hard, knocking the wind out of him. As he lay there catching his breath the buggy kept rolling and some friends and father (who witnessed the OBE) jumped in a truck to come rescue me. Dirk was fine but  it looked worse than it was. My buggy ended up apx a half mile away…


Dirk really enjoy’s paragliding tremendously and kiting the wing as often as I get the chance. I enjoy wakeboarding, snowboarding, surfing among a few outdoor activities…

Dirk would like to be known as someone that does, makes and enjoys everything.
I like to give, support and promote the wind sport community/family…



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