Tom Keda June 2016 Rider of the Month


It all started with a list of things Tom Keda actively wanted to accomplish, kiteboarding was one of them.  So he asked a few buddies of his to go with him to take lessons in Michigan 3 years back not knowing it was going to change his life.


Tom and his buddies headed up to Oscoda Michigan to embark on their mission. During his lesson his instructor mentioned how he spent a year living in Puerto Rico kitesboarding and how it was a perfect environment for it.

Tom realized first hand that kiteboarding was not going to be learned well in just a few hours. With the winter season of Michigan approaching Tom still needed to learn the sport. Buying a one- way ticket to Puerto Rico Tom found him self trading up the winter jacket for board shorts.


There he found 15 knots, a school located off the beach of Isla Verda where he met his instructor and future girlfriend Frances.

During his time out there she showed him how to kiteboard as well as other parts of the island. Taking part on other activities such as cliff diving, going trough caves and river hikes.“Even coming from a other extreme sports backgrounds in which I was used to doing flips and sliding down long handrails, I struggled with kiteboarding. I felt like I was on the beach more than I was in the water pulling off sea weed and untangling my lines”.To Get a Hold of Tom Please click this picture below Frances continued to push him and it paid off. His time, effort and passion from it evolved from wishing to go upwind to now having dialed down dark slides, handwashers, and other freestyle tricks.“The rush from it is unbelievable and it is a lifestyle I love to be apart. I have become a PASA 3 kiteboarding instructor and actively work with adventure sports teaching in Matheson Hammock Park. I’ve also establish a website with tutorial videos to teach and refresh students key kitboarding concepts and tricks”.“Kiteboarding has given me a new outlook in life, one that in the future will transform into further opportunities. To contact Tom Please click on the picture below



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