Brian Noordhoek September 2016 Rider of the Month


Back in 2008 Brian had been going to Matheson and watching the locals kite, he eventually signed up for a lesson with Sky Bandits.  Having a background in competitive wakeboarding, kiteboarding came pretty natural to him once he learned to harness the wind. Brian didn’t  feel comfortable riding the super flat boards with straps and pads.  Instead he went with what felt more natural to him, riding a wakeboard with boots even though everyone told him it wouldn’t work.  This was when boots were still looked at as  unorthodox.


Brian is a true native, born and raised in Miami.  He attended Miami Palmetto Sr High and then got a Bachlors  Degree  in Marine Biology from UM.  Always having an attraction to the water, he grew up diving and fishing.  Kiteboarding just seemed right for him.  Once he started it was an addiction.  To spend more time on the water kiting and to share his new found sport with others he became an instructor with the school that he learned from.


He is now married and has a beautiful 6 yr old daughter who is just starting to get into kiting.  He now rides for Airush and continues to push the sport and his skills whenever he’s riding.  Always trying to be a good ambassador and helping others along the way

Winter USA

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