Paula Marinkovic November Rider of the Month

Born in Brasil, Paula moved to Miami with her family at the age of 16. she was very excited to get into surfing, having grown up in a mountainous region Paula had never had the chance to practice any watersports. she quickly realize the surf in Miami was a bit frustrating, waves were small and often too packed.
It was early 2000, Paula had just met a new boyfriend and now husband,  and he was the first person to introduce her
to the sport of kiteboarding. Paula watched him kite for years, back then the sport was much different and much more difficult to learn. Paula sat on the beach for hours watching him and his friends have fun, there weren’t too many girls kiting back then, only a few, such as Laura Meyers who is an awesome windsurfer as well, so she thought maybe kiting wasn’t for me. One day she decided to get over my fears and so Paula took my first lesson in 2002 in La Parguera, Puerto Rico and from there on she started to get more into the sport. After she had a few more lessons in between, mostly from kind friends who were willing to spend some time chasing me downwind and helping Paula get over the learning curve. Paula was still a beginner in many ways, but she finally took a proper lesson with my great friend and kite instructor Mike Minichiello from Cayman Islands that is when it finally started to get more comfortable and riding upwind.  Kiteboarding quickly became more than a hobby and she was very lucky to have had the chance to travel to many different destinations,visit kiting centers around the world, watch kite racing competitions and meet some of the top pros around the world. Having kited in Hood River, Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii , Cayman, Brasil and other great windy spots she learned a bit more from each place and different riders . Then Paula was inspired to progress and I decided to get my PASA certification and become an instructor.
Now she work’s and rides  at Adventure Sports Miami at Matheson. Paula looks back now and see that having a proper lesson was really the key to help me learn and become an independent kiter. Paula love’s teaching , specially like teaching women how to kite. Paula wants everyone of my students to have a great experience and love the sport as much as she does. Paula made so many great friends thorough kiting and she hope’s  she can continue to share this experience with new and old friends !
Winter USA


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