Andy Umana December Rider of the Month


Andy Umana learned to kite when he was 7. His dad taught him unhooked so he wouldn’t be taken by the kite when he fell. He rode for a few months and then took a 3 year break and hasn’t stopped since.

Cabrinha and Adventure Sports Miami has been supporting him all these years and he is very involved in the sport locally. His whole family used to go to Hatteras on summer vacations every year and his brother, mother and dad would kite together. One of his first downwinders was Planet of the Apes with his dad.


The Cabrinha brand has been a huge part of his kiting. Before his dad connected him to a kite, they would watch the Cabrinha movie Catalyst over and over again. That’s where he first learned of his idols Andre Phillip, Damian Leroy and many others.

He loves to do freestyle at Matheson Hammocks with his buddy Joseph Prieto and surf and foil sessions in Jupiter and Peru with his other buddies James McGrath and Jacob Olivier.
He and his dad recently got into foil boarding and they now love 10 mph days zipping around in the Biscayne Bay for endless sunset sessions as well as foil racing.

Kitesurfing is a way of life and Andy will be doing it for as long as the wind blows.




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