Sean Venes March 2017 Rider of the Month

Sean was always drawn to aviation at an early age. Where he grew up in California, his dad would take me each year to the Reno airshow. Sean always look up when a hear a plane!
Sean’s 1st power kiting was at Berkeley kite festival, about 8 years ago. he got tossed about 10
feet by a 2.6 meter kite! Later that year he go a chance to try out a bigger kite and buggy and the addiction began!
Local riding spots: shoreline kite park

Every year kiters from around the world gather at a dry lake on the boarder of California
and Nevada. Ivanpah.

Sean’s first trip to Ivanpah was in 2014. He was blow away by the vast size of the dry lake, the surface
is different from anything he had buggied on before! smooth and fast!

Alvord dry lake, south east Oregon. In the middle of nowhere, this dry lake is a perfect place to buggy! In 24 hours, road 128 miles! Set a new top speed 56.6 mph.

IBX 2016. The wind came!!!! The forecast said 50+ mph winds.
Sean was able to get my buggy up to 64.2mph. Big smile on my face the rest of the weekend!

Mentors, Dirk Hemza, Duane Hemza, Dino Arias, Mike Kenley, Eli Anderson, Jimmy Vaughn, Elton Thanh,
    Brian Holgate, Bobby Muse.

The person who really helped Sean the most, Vincent Maranta, my Yoda! thanks for all your advice!
Winter USA


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