Michael G. Mulderink Sr. April Rider of the Month


Michael G. Mulderink Sr. was born on August 23, 1939. He is a retired Construction business Owner from Chicago, Illinois. He started a drag boat racing career that led to his nickname of “Iron Mike” and several World Records back  in the 70’s. He’s set the tracks on fire racing Pro Harley Motorcycles with his Son Mike Jr. at the helm.
These days Mike’s nickname has changed to “Big Mike” and can be found on any windy day doing what he loves most…kite-boarding and hanging with his friends at Anne’s Beach.



He has a teaching nack that others find refreshing as he’s not afraid to help anyone with an interest to learn. He loves being a part-time driver for the Otherside Shop when clients are taken to the sandbar for lessons. If the winds blowing,  just look around and I’ll bet you’ll see Big Mike in the horizon.

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