Gary Calder June 2017 Rider of the Month


 Gary Calder is one of the “Silver-Templed Posse” riding the flat, clear, limitless waters of the Florida Keys. While vacationing in Key Largo 20 years ago, he became enamored with windsurfing.  That quickly morphed to kiteboarding.  He retired way early from his Denver trial lawyer practice highlighting murder and medical malpractice cases–bought a house in Key Largo, and now spends 10-20 days of each winter month doing a credible job of trying to keep up with the young-Turk shredders in the Keys.
     He and his wife Debbie spend the summers fly-fishing, white water rafting, water skiing and hiking the trails of Rocky Mountain National Park which sits two miles from their summer house up in the high mountains of Colorado.
     “Why not  kite ’till ya’ drop?” is the motto of this 74-year-old “Dude.”  “Ya’ might as well go out in the footstraps as any other way I can think of,” he says.
Winter USA

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