Nathalie Morot August 2017 Rider of the Month


Nathalie Morot is the latest student out of Matheson Hammock Park that is now up and riding. A Miami native, and self proclaimed mermaid, Nathalie grew up boating around Biscayne Bay, and has always sought out ways to be near the water.  She enjoys paddle boarding, and kayaking and now has learned to harness the power of the wind to glide over the flats.  “I’m totally blown away by the potential to fly and cant wait to learn how to jump next! I know this is something I’ll enjoy for the rest of my life and I never imagined myself doing this sport, so I’m grateful for those at Adventure Sports Miami for making it possible!”


When the wind isn’t blowing, Nathalie is a freelance art teacher, yoga instructor, kayak tour guide, and full on nature lover.


She appreciates how kiting keeps her humble, in tune with the fluctuations of nature, and how it keeps her living in the moment.

If you’d like to book a mangrove tour, or paddle board yoga class with Nathalie check her out at

Adventure Sports Miami. (305) 733 1519Winter USA