Juan Carvajal November 2017 Rider of the Month


As a kid growing up in Colombia, one of my favorite hobbies was flying kites. I lived in Medellin, a country far from the coast, and the small chances I got to glimpse at the neighborhood television, nothing fascinated me more than seeing people ride the waves.


I first moved to Florida in the year 1994. About 6 years later, I saw my first kiter at Matheson Hammocks Park, one lone rider that never seemed to stop, and I was instantly amazed; it was the perfect combination for me.


A sport that joined surfing and flying kites, I could not believe it, but sadly that day, I was never able to ask him what was the name of the sport. Years later, I returned to the park; the sport had caught wind.


. It was full of kiters and instructors alike, and here I sought out my opportunity to take my first class. I became addicted, and for 11 wonderful years I have had the opportunity to partake in this beautiful sport. I have had the chance to seek the wind in other countries, even returning to my natal Colombia. This sport, apart from keeping me in good health, has given me relaxation and a closer bond with my spirituality. It is a grand experience to ride and enjoy the sparkling waters and sunsets of Florida, and being able to grow closer to the amazing group of kiters that have become family to me at Matheson Hammocks. When I was a kid, I flew kites, now I fly with the kite.


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