David Gauzens January 2018 Rider of the Month


Fishing was my first love. As long as I can remember I’ve had a borderline obsession with everything fishing. As a fisherman wind was always my sworn nemesis. I cursed it, wished it away. If it was blowing I was not in a good mood.

That all changed 3 years ago, when I stumbled into running a kiteboarding school. I say stumbled because although I was an avid watermen I probably wouldn’t have been most people’s first choice to run a kite school.  I had no idea how to kite, and in all honestly was the guy who referred to it as windsurfing. Regardless of my limited knowledge of kites I applied for the position and my life changed for the better when I was awarded the job (I assume based upon my good looks).


Since then I have become an avid rider and it has truly become a passion. I have been blessed with the opportunity to hit the water almost every windy day even if it’s only 10 minutes. The sport is therapeutic and regardless of stress one cannot help but live in the moment when strapped to a board being propelled by the force of nature.

Although the sport itself is an amazing mix of adrenaline and bliss, it’s the community within the sport that truly got me hooked. In my experience Kiters leave their egos at home and accept everybody with open arms. At my home spot of Matheson Hammock Park you will find an array of riders from 10 years old to 80 and everybody is out there to have fun and help each other out. The best rider is not necessarily the one throwing double handle passes but rather the one having the most fun. Unlike most sports I’ve been around kiting does not seem to be polluted with a competitive attitude but rather an appreciative humbleness.

I have to thank all the truly amazing people I’ve met through kiting for helping me along the way. I look forward to pursuing this new passion of mine and sharing it with others.

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