Sébastien Croteau April 2018 Rider of the Month

Sébastien remembers the first time he noticed a Kiteboarder in south Florida, his girlfriend and I were watching and she told me she would like to try it someday. Sébastien will always remember that day of December 2015 when he was looking to that kiteboarder with Annie and told her “Let’s go find a place that we can take lessons and learn, it looks really easy so we can do some before we leave”. We start to took lesson together 2 or 3 days after, and we see pretty quickly that was looking more easy to watch it than to learn it!!! But in fact, I’ve got a awesome safety and nice instructor Francisco Delia. I fell accidentally just before going into the water for a water lesson, and that scared me off the kite for the next 10 month. A that time I had to leave to go back home in Canada.
That next 10 month I was working on construction outside and still thinking to learn that dam thing correctly. So that summer goes pretty quickly pass, that I cannot wait to go back Florida winter 2016/2017. I came back for they entire winter and told myself “I’m not leaving before i can ride on that board”. It took a month of careful apprehensive flying with that kite. But after that my learning curve go so fast, suddenly everything came so clear how to fly that kite. Winter was almost done, time to go back home in Quebec, Canada, so I decided to find some nice spot to go riding up there!!!

Sébastien found some really nice places to ride like,

Pointe du Lac(Trois-Rivières), Lac aux Araignées(Megantic) and another place you can ride like you are in the Florida Keys it’s called Baie des Brises(St-Stanislas de Kostka), that place is awesome, flat shallow water for about 400ft and a sandy bottom like a Florida’s beaches where’s it a nice place to learn kiting up there. All fresh water lakes the kiters call sweet water. Finally I found that other place for my summer vacation in saltwater but flat and shallow water it call Shippagan(New Brunswick). That’s another beautiful and awesome place to learn kiting with school’s up there!!!

And finally came fall and cold whether between they end of kiteboarding and the beginning of Snow kiting, whereof another nice and easy time to learn without the water traction and just let you pull on skies or snowboard by your kite. But finally i can’t wait to go back in South Florida for the third winter
to practice that awesome and friendly sport. I can’t pass too many days whiteout riding and get that feeling free and get pulled by that wind again every time.

I’d like to give awesome thanks to those people; Annie Roy, Francisco Delia and Dale Baker they be powerful to me in that wonderful and friendly sport!!